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"Al Sheppard is the REAL DEAL, and "E-Man" chronicles his years in the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) with heart-pounding excitement.  Sheppard was on the front lines during the era of Vietnam, Black Power, and the Urban Drug wars, and he survived it all to tell the tale in a book rich with insider's detail and wry sense of humor.  Prepare yourself for a rollicking ride: "E-Man" is the best New York cop book to come down the pike since The French Connection."
- T.J. English
Author of  "Paddy Whacked" & "The Westies"

"A top notch memoir of an exciting period in the career of a great cop. Al Sheppard tells it like it is!"

-Captain Tom Walker
NYPD, Ret Author of "Fort Apache"

"Al Sheppard was on the front lines of the most difficult job in police work. E-Men risk their lives every day in many different ways. They are great cops and Al's memoir is right on the mark."

-Det.Sgt. Joseph Coffey, NYPD Ret.
Author of "The Coffey Files"

" Al Sheppard served in the NYPD during the "Urban Warfare" years and received his "Baptism of Fire" at the Williamsburg Siege. He was a decorated hero of the NYPD and member of the elite Emergency Service Unit (ESU).

In his book "E-Man" Al takes the reader on a non stop roller coaster ride of emotions as he reveals live on the streets through the eyes of a combatant during the turbulent times and work of the Emergency Service Unit. The same unit that the Police call when they need help."

-Det.Lt. Vernon J Gebreth
NYPD Homicide Commander Ret
Author of Practical Homicide Investigation