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"Al Sheppard is the REAL DEAL, and "E-Man" chronicles his years in the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit (ESU) with heart-pounding excitement.  Sheppard was on the front lines during the era of Vietnam, Black Power, and the Urban Drug wars, and he survived it all to tell the tale in a book rich with insider's detail and wry sense of humor.  Prepare yourself for a rollicking ride: "E-Man" is the best New York cop book to come down the pike since The French Connection."
- T.J. English
Author of  "Paddy Whacked" & "The Westies"


A top notch memoir of an exciting period in the career of a great cop. Al Sheppard tells it like it is!"

-Captain Tom Walker
NYPD, Ret Author of "Fort Apache"

"Al Sheppard was on the front lines of the most difficult job in police work.  E-Men risk their lives every day in many different ways.  They are great cops and Al's memoir is right on the mark."

-Det.Sgt. Joseph Coffey, NYPD Ret.
Author of "The Coffey Files"


" Al Sheppard served in the NYPD during the "Urban Warfare" years and received his "Baptism of Fire" at the Williamsburg Siege.  He was a decorated hero of the NYPD and member of the elite Emergency Service Unit (ESU).

In his book "E-Man"  Al takes the reader on a non stop roller coaster ride of emotions as he reveals live on the streets through the eyes of a combatant during the turbulent times and work of the Emergency Service Unit.  The same unit that the Police call when they need help."

-Det.Lt. Vernon J Gebreth
NYPD Homicide Commander Ret
Author of Practical Homicide Investigation.


Hey Buddy ...I just finished reading the book . All I can say is "OUTSTANDING". Not only did you capture the truth about life in ESU there was a lot I was unaware of like you guys being at the Walbaums fire. That's something FD does not admit. A lot of the names bring back memories . I didn't work with some of the guys but heard of their exploits. I remember When McCormick got killed but I never knew it was Dave Schultis that was the shooter. Al I actually have several guys in the Firehouse reading it to show the ESU does do this everyday including going into fires!.
You see Al the , I'm much like you I knew I would be a cop from elementary school on. When I got into the Academy I knew I wanted to be in ESU because I saw that "BIG TRUCK " go out everyday right below us. I knew they were going out on heavy jobs and not bullshit. Well, long story short my dad was on the job for 23 yrs back then ( he died of cancer in 1979) so he knew a few people. One name you'll remember is Eddie Creen from 6 Truck. Well, I called him one day while I was on Patrol in the 81 pct (like you) and asked if he could help and the rest is history! Al , all I can say is what you said in the book ...Once and E-man , always an E-man till I die ! Job well done ! PS I told Jack Casey about the book he's getting it !


I got your book and read it over 2 days between calls at work and the
evening between.  That was a week ago.  I had been waiting and thinking,
letting it all sink in, before I wrote you about it, because I wanted to
give you a thorough review from a distance, and after thought and
consideration.  And still, even after a week, my first thought at the end
when I closed the book, and now thinking back on it, is "What a ride!".  I
thoroughly enjoyed it, and so many things are the same as my feelings about
my job and my department, as I'm sure is true with every department.   I
have my own little names for them ......  we all have the 'gung-hos' - they
sometimes get themselves into trouble because they go too fast and don't
think first, the 'talkers' that talk a big show but don't have much behind
it, then the 'sleepers' which includes those that hang back and let others
lead or who are just plain lazy and don't answer up for calls or who go as
backup on paper calls that don't need a backup, and I don't include those
who are close to retirement because I figure they did their time and deserve
to rest, then what I call 'true blues' who are there for the right reasons
and ready and willing to do what it takes to get the job done - you guys are
my favorites and my heroes!

The book was wonderful - it was like riding a roller coaster up and down
through the monotony and the thrills of police work, and I enjoyed every
word of it.  I was not ready for it to be finished and could have read a
couple hundred more pages of it.  I cried and I laughed, and I felt like I
was sitting right there beside you through all of it.  It also makes it much
more clear why so many cops have such problems with personal relationships,
with their families and friends who aren't cops - I see it in my own life -
people who don't see it every day don't understand, and they don't really
want to hear it because it's depressing and sad and it tears your heart out
if you let it - it makes you view the whole world differently because you
know what lies beneath.  And your home doesn't stay a haven away from the
mess if you bring the garbage home with you.  And being the garbagemen for
society is exactly right - we're there to clean up the messes people have
made of their lives .....  and we live for the calls that only come maybe
once or twice a day where we actually get there quickly enough to arrest the
bad guy and save the victim, and we are willing to wade through the mess
calls to get to those few for the satisfaction they give .....  your book
brings that home over and over again.  I've had several requests for people
to read it, but I told them to feel free to glance through mine, but if they
want to read it they have to buy their own.  :^)  I want to sell copies, not
give out free reads!  I'm also going to order several and ship them to you
for you to sign, if you don't mind - I have a few friends I want to give
copies to, including my supervisor.

How's that for something new and cool - being asked for autographs????  :^)
You deserve it, but I know the fame thing gets really weird.  Several years
ago I was in a commercial for my employer at the time, a computer repair
store chain, and after the commercial started to air, people would come up
to me in the grocery store like they knew me and ask questions ab0ut their
computer, they'd stare at me at public events like school functions, and it
was very weird, so be prepared.  I got my license to carry a concealed
weapon shortly after that because I felt very vulnerable and felt a huge
lack of privacy when they'd just come up to me and start conversations like
we'd been friends for years.....  I'm glad the commercial quit airing about
5 years ago and most have forgotten it.  Of course, getting caught in the
middle of a domestic situation while on a computer service call also greatly
contributed to my getting that CCW ....  but that's another story...

Anyways, it was wonderful and I just know you are going to sell tons of
copies once word gets out, which I'll do my part to accomplish.